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CLG Red announced two new members for its VALORANT squad Friday ahead of the second week of the Super Girl Gamer Pro tournament qualifiers. The new members, bungee and amnesia, both joined the squad in September for the third instalment of the North American Game Changers series. The two young players have played VALORANT on various free agent squads for a while and have participated in multiple women’s tournaments during their time in the esport.

CLG Red has filtered through many different players since the organization’s jump into VALORANT, using multiple stand-ins for Game Changers and other tournaments. The team has kept the same general core, centered around in-game leader Benita “bENITA” Novshadian and Melanie “rise” Tetreault. But the team has seen two players leave and two others stand-in since its inception in March.

Bungee and amnesia before CLG Red

Before signing with CLG, bungee played for four other free agent all-women VALORANT rosters. The most prominent of which were 24Haven and the second iteration of Moon Raccoons Black. The 19 year-old mostly plays Duelists, with Raze and Jett as her top played. She also dabbles in the Initiator rol,e but almost entirely on Skye. In Game Changers Series III, she was CLG’s main Duelist on most maps.

Amnesia, on the other hand, is a Sentinel specialist. Having played for two teams before signing with CLG, the most prominent of which was No Shot, she exclusively plays Cypher, Killjoy and Sage. In the most recent Game Changers event, amnesia was often playing the lurker role and would go off on her own on offense or defense to catch out enemy team rotations.

As stand-ins for the team in that event, bungee and amnesia helped CLG Red place just outside of the top four. In the last two tournaments of the Game Changers series, CLG Red placed second,  losing out to Cloud9 White 3-0 in both grand finals.