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The Overwatch League is currently one week away from the Grand Finals weekend. To keep people entertained since the last playoff game, we’ve had events led by the league to fill in the time. These events were focused on entertainment first, including continuing the All-Star events. But, there was one event missing: the classic Talent Takedown match. This specific match is focused on the casters and analysts playing matches against each other.

These players, with most not being close to Overwatch League level, play a match for fun and bragging rights. Alas, if all the casters play against each other, who will cast the game? Thus, the casters for the Talent Takedown match are Atlanta Reign support player Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman and former Boston Uprising benchwarmer Connor “Avast” Prince.

The history of the Talent Takedown

Ever since the first year of the Overwatch League, the All-Star event and Talent Takedown have been a staple. Firstly, they recognize players’ skills from across teams and cities all over the world. But also, they finally answer the question of whether or not these casters and analysts play the game well. They have to study the game as a job, so they must have some skills, right? Well, it varies.

Reinforce, in a previous Talent Takedown.

You can have former professional players like Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson who became analysts. But then you could also have casters who are just as good as many fans at home. Not that this makes them bad at their job; casting and analyzing a game is much different than playing in one. But, it does lead to a lot of trash talk and hilarious moments, as well as genuinely great highlights.

Who are the replacements?

Speaking about the new casters for this specific event, they are known community members. Dogman is a player in the league — his shot-calling nature and vocal tendencies translate better to casting than you’d think. Plus, there is former player and caster Avast, who had a lengthy career spanning zero regular-season games on the Boston Uprising. All jokes aside, his funny personality and experience as a caster will helm this ship. We can’t wait to see their personalities together as they comment on their friends from behind the booths.

These casters are only going to be together for the Talent Takedown this year, which happens tomorrow on the Overwatch League YouTube channel.