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Volante Designs Capcom Mega Man

Capcom, Volante Designs partner for Mega Man Collection

Capcom officially nods to the cosplay world in a new clothing partnership with Volante Designs featuring Mega Man and Proto Man-themed jackets.

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The jacket designs have uniquely utilitarian features while still satisfying the need to proclaim the geekdom of fanboys and fangirls everywhere. This is purposely evident in the arm cannon zipper design on the left forearm shown below.

Meg Man coat from Volante Designs

Volante specializes in practical clothing to be worn every day while still maintaining the style gamers want. All designs show a solid acknowledgment to the game just obvious enough to fans to notice without the off-putting screams of “I love gaming” to the whole world. Each jacket is 97% cotton with exterior magnetic pocket closures, a removable hood, and is made in the USA.

Cosplay is a massive part of every gaming event ever, and Capcom knows this. By partnering with Volante, Capcom pushes cosplay forward in a way that is quite misunderstood and goes to a deeper level of gaming passion.

Cosplay is a labor-intensive undertaking. Fans spend much of their own time and resources constructing custom pieces for display at events in hopes of gaining enough popularity to someday make their hobby into a job. The hill is steep and many never get there. That doesn’t change the fact that the underlying passion for gaming and all its fabulous characters never goes away.

These are the childhood heroes that never let us down. They populate a very special place in the hearts of fans and burrow themselves into our collective souls. Volante has captured upon this ideal with practical apparel that makes wearers comfortable enough inside and out. In reality, what feels better than the subtle, knowing nod between old-school gamers in a crowded room of stuffed shirts and pumpkin spice sycophants?

Volante Designs is not new to this industry. The company puts much time and energy into traveling the comic and gaming event circuit. Their Assassin’s Creed-themed jackets and apparel are also available in their shop. You can check out their entire collection at Volante Design. Follow Volante Designs on Twitter as well as on Instagram.