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Content warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual violence.

Following a ban from competition by Capcom on Friday and being dropped from his team Thursday, Brazilian fighting game player Robson “Robinho” Oliveira denied allegations that statements he said on his Twitch stream about group sex with an intoxicated woman were true.

Robinho received a permanent ban from all Capcom tournaments and was released by his former sponsor, PATOZ Team, following statements he made about the past sexual encounter. Since then, Robinho has claimed the comments were fabricated by him and never took place.

“That was something I made up on the spot, joking around” Robinho said in an interview with Brazilian site ge.globo translated by Upcomer. “That drinking thing doesn’t even exist. Now I’m getting accused of something I said jokingly.”

During the stream, Robinho discussed a retaliatory experience with a former partner who he said had cheated on him. Robinho described getting intoxicated with her and participating in group sex along with eight other people. When the woman, who is unnamed, allegedly confronted him the next day, Robinho said he had done it because of her infidelity.

“On that day, I went nuts,” Robinho said, according to a translation by Upcomer. “On the next day, she was like, ‘Why would you do that?’”

Robinho has since claimed he had really dated the girl he described 25 years ago, when he was 13 and she was 15, and that other details he mentioned were true, including the alleged infidelity of his partner. However, Robinho claimed he made up the part of the story where he got drunk with her and the sexual encounter.

Robinho’s ban from Capcom events

Robinho had qualified for the Capcom Cup VIII after winning the Brazilian Street Fighter V qualifier, CPT 2021 Online Event: Brazil 2, in November. In addition, ge.globo reported he raised money to cover the travel costs for the international tournament, which has since been canceled and replaced with an online event.

However, Capcom removed the results page and social media posts related to Robinho’s victory after his Twitch stream surfaced. Capcom formally announced Robinho’s ban on Friday. He will be permanently barred from attending any Capcom-owned or operated event anywhere in the world, including the Capcom Cup, Capcom Pro Tour and Street Fighter League.

“We have zero tolerance for these types of acts and behaviors, which, at a minimum level, violate the player code of conduct, potentially Brazilian laws and deserve action,” Capcom’s official statement said. “While this is just one consequence, we hope the local authorities quickly investigate and address the matter to the fullest extent of the law.”

In his interview with ge.globo, Robinho claimed those who were pushing for his ban were doing so maliciously.

“Now I get sad because the people have malice in that,” Robinho said. “They want to harm me with that, even cancel me from the Capcom Cup.”

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