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For a long time, Horizon Canopy has been the only land of its kind. Being printed in the experimental Future Sight (2007) set, we knew there was a possibility of a cycle of lands like it coming out in the future. Today, Modern Horizons spoilers week just took things up a notch by fulfilling that 12-year-long speculation with a full cycle of Horizon Canopy-style lands.

The Canopy Lands

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Canopy Lands in Modern

Horizon Canopy has long seen use in Death and Taxes, Humans, GW Valuetown — basically any deck that needs Green and White mana and could fit it in. The downside to running it proves minimal when it allows you to draw a card when you desperately need it and fixes your mana.

Most decks in the Modern metagame can now run a Canopy land. Here are a few decks that may change their manabases around for these new cards:

  • Burn can now run Sunbaked Canyon for extra draw so that they can win top deck wars easier. When they run out of steam, they can crack this land to find another Lightning Bolt or any of its variations.
  • Jund and The Rock can now run Nurturing Peatland as an additional way to draw cards alongside Bob.
  • Sultai Teachings now has 2 Canopy lands to choose from if it wants additional draw power.
  • Izzet Phoenix and Storm can run Firey Islet if they want.
  • Death’s Shadow can hurt themselves slowly over time and then use the draw ability to draw deeper into their deck and fuel their graveyard for Gurmag Angler.

These cards fit into so many decks. Honestly, the list could go on forever. The opportunity cost for running these is almost nothing unless you’re a slower deck who really can’t afford to lose life in an aggressive meta. But that’s an edge case. These lands will surely change the face of Modern and Legacy.

Stay Tuned

Modern Horizons spoiler season continues to amaze us all, so keep up with new developments on our Magic: The Gathering news page! These lands will be hard to beat, but I’m sure they have a few more surprises for us.

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