Can you join the House Va'Ruun Faction in Starfield?
Can you join the House Va'Ruun Faction in Starfield?
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Can you join the House Va’Ruun Faction in Starfield?

All hail the Serpent

There are several factions that you will either hear about or actually encounter out in the galaxy in Starfield. From Constellation to the United Colonies to the Spacers, factions rule the Settled Systems. As expected, you can’t join every one of these factions, as some of them are meant to serve as antagonists throughout your journey. However, does this apply to the religious faction, House Va’Ruun, in Starfield, or can you join its ranks?

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House Va’Ruun was one of the factions that participated in the Colony War and even has an embassy in the UC-controlled New Atlantis, similar to the Freestar Collective. The religious faction worships the Great Serpent, and they lead their lives according to a strict set of principles.

While the backstory for House Va’Ruun is fascinating, some players simply want to know if they can join the faction to get another set of quests in Starfield.

Starfield – Joining House Va’Ruun

Can you join the House Va'Ruun Faction in Starfield?
The lobby for the House Va’Ruun embassy. | Screenshot via Upcomer

From the beginning of Starfield, it really seems like you will be able to join House Va’Ruun at some point. They have ships flying all over, the faction’s name appears in several conversations, and they have an entire backstory.

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, you are not able to join House Va’Ruun in any capacity. The only quest that truly involves House Va’Ruun is one for the United Colonies, which involves you visiting the faction’s embassy and meeting with its ambassador. Aside from that, your only interactions with House Va’Ruun will be out in space or on a planet, where you occasionally need to eliminate some of its members.

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It’s entirely possible that Bethesda will make House Va’Ruun a focal point for a future DLC pack. However, for now, the faction remains a slippery mystery in Starfield.

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