CallMeCarson mocks Katerino's apology live on stream
CallMeCarson mocks Katerino apology live on stream fitz

CallMeCarson mocks Katerino’s apology live on stream

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YouTuber Carson “CallMeCarson” King has poked fun at an apology made by Twitch streamer Kate “Katerino” for cheating on him.

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This is the culmination of events that began in early March when Carson tweeted that he was taking an “indefinite break.” Shortly after on Reddit, Carson seemingly confirmed then-girlfriend Katerino had cheated on him with his longtime friend, Cameron “Fitz” McKay. The announcement came as a shock, and backlash quickly flooded out towards Katerino and Fitz.

Both Katerino and Fitz remained silent for weeks after the reveal. However, mid-April, the pair addressed their communities separately, Kate in a video and Fitz in a tweet. Fitz’s apology garnered more acceptance than Kate’s did, as the community felt she was using her mental health as a crutch. Shortly after, Carson came forward with an apology of his own, where he expressed regret for making the drama public. But he seemed to U-turn slightly on that recently.

Katerino apologizes for cheating on Carson with Fitz in a YouTube video.

CallMeCarson publicly ridicules Kate

After slowly returning to the limelight, CallMeCarson turned on his Twitch stream for the first time in nearly a month. While thousands of fans eagerly flocked to his stream, Carson attempted to address the elephant in the room. In front of 60,000 fans, Carson acknowledged how “attentive” his community was to the situation. He started off by saying his goal is to not talk about the drama and he hopes to move forward. Then he mocked Katerino’s apology by saying he may feel “lost and confused in the moment and then make a joke.”

His statements directly referenced Kate’s video, as she stated her mental health caused her to feel lost and confused while in her relationship with Carson. His community fired shots at Kate for this particular statement, condemning her for using her mental health as a “crutch.” Additionally, Carson talking about making “a joke” of the situation may be a jab at Fitz. Towards the end of his apology, Fitz jokingly stated he hoped to one day play 8ball with Carson again.

Carson emphasized he wants to move on with his life and gave thanks to his supporters for having his back.

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