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Cloud9 continues to dominate the LCS by winning Saturday’s game against Counter Logic Gaming. As CLG struggled to play against C9, they were able to create some interesting plays throughout the 26-minute game. This is 1 minute short from their last game when they defeated TSM in just over 27 minutes.

Dominating the scene

C9 is currently 9-0 for the LCS 2020 Spring Split. This is thanks to their effortless win against CLG. Viewers were ready for the match to be over once they saw C9 easily winning team fights and pushing through lanes. This game was especially disappointing for CLG, as they recently welcomed three-time champion Eugene “Pobelter” Park on to the team. Once they announced his return a few days ago, fans were almost certain this would mean positive things for them. 

Notably, they had aced C9 for the first time this season. That 20-minute mark gave viewers a small flicker of hope, only to be let down once C9 came back to dominate their base. In the end, C9 aggressively defeated the CLG’s Nexus and ended the game.

Tough season for CLG

CLG’s tough LCS Spring season had them with 1 win out of 8 games, and today was no different. The match ended with C9 collecting four Drakes, 6 turrets, and 8 kills. Meanwhile, CLG barely had 1 tower down. It was a lack of vision, communication, and objectives contributing to their loss. Either way, they have plenty to learn from this moving forward.

Afterward, fans cheered for C9, showing pride over their achievements in this Split. Other League of Legends pro teams congratulated them on their win.

As C9 celebrates its ninth victory so far, they should still stay grounded. They’re expected to play against Immortals tomorrow, as well as FlyQuest the weekend after. Today’s win against CLG marks C9 down as the fourth team in a long time to clean sweep the first round-robin. The last team to achieve this was TSM back in the 2016 Summer Split.