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Another console-exclusive Fortnite bundle has been leaked by data-miners. Twitter user ShiinaBR, who has a terrific track record with Fortnite leaks, believes this bundle is arriving soon. Coming to Xbox One S, this bundle, pictured above, includes an outfit, glider, pickaxe, and V-Bucks.

If this leak is true, it would be the second Xbox One S exclusive bundle. The first bundle, which is still in stores, comes with the Legendary Eon cosmetic set. While a great set of items does come with this bundle, Xbox has been slacking in console-exclusive skins.

Fortnite Xbox One S bundle Fortnite bundle
The first Xbox One S Fortnite bundle

With the majority of exclusives coming to the PS4, it’s good to see Epic Games spread the wealth.

What comes with this Fortnite bundle

Usually, with any Fortnite system bundle, there are three cosmetic items. One outfit, one glider, and one pickaxe are the norm for any bundle. Also included are 1,000-2,000 V-Bucks and some kind of other console-specific promotion.

With this Xbox One S bundle, Epic Games seems to be sticking to the script. There’s a purple Vertex outfit, the Forerunner glider, and the Razor Edge pickaxe. There’s no official word on whether a purple back-bling will come with this repurposed Vertex skin.


Outside of Fortnite, this bundle comes with a purple-colored Xbox One S and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Exactly like the first Xbox One S bundle, this is priced at $299.

When will this be available?

While there’s no confirmation on when this is coming out, the fact that there’s cover art for it suggests it’s coming soon. Epic Games doesn’t follow any particular routine when releasing these types of bundles, so any guess would be a shot in the dark.

There could still be information pertaining to this bundle yet to be found, so stay tuned for any updates on our Fortnite page!