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The highly anticipated next generation of consoles is finally here with the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Not everyone is having a smooth time with their new consoles, however. Multiple reports of brand new consoles experiencing issues have been making their way online. While none have been as bad as the fatal Red Ring of Death for the Xbox 360 and the lesser Yellow Light of Death on the PlayStation 3, there seems to be happening enough to be a problem for many users.

PlayStation 5’s storage rebuild and network errors

Youtuber Jeremy “AngryCentaurGaming” Penter tweeted that his PS5 was “100% dead.” The console’s tragic demise came after multiple storage and network errors. “I was having the storage rebuild issues others reported but mine escalated to full errors and network issues/boot. Sony and I were working through troubleshooting when it died completely.”

Another Youtuber Yong Yea had a different issue where his PlayStation 5 turned itself off after some time. After leaving his PS5 on standby for several hours he discovered that the console had completely powered down. Since the system would not start from the controller, Yea had to use the power button to turn it on again. Once it was back on, it gave a notification that the PlayStation 5 was not properly turned off.

Yea contacted a Sony representative to see if they were aware of the issue. “We found that some people might experience issues with rest mode if they’re using a google wifi router. We are currently looking into this.”

Xbox Series X is blowing smoke

A few videos have been found circulating online of an Xbox Series X overheating and sending plumes of smoke out the vents. The video, while impressive and potentially scary, is fake. Multiple other users were able to replicate the effect by blowing vape smoke into their console. This prompted Xbox to kindly remind users to not blow vape smoke into their Xbox Series X, which is an amazing thing to have to tell users.

While that video is fake, a real issue seems to be an infinite loading screen when the Xbox Series X is turned on but unable to connect to the Xbox Live servers. Youtuber Max “DreamcastGuy” Shockley discovered this error and believed that his Xbox was broken out of the box. Luckily it worked again later in the day when the Xbox Live servers were back online.

Other Xbox Series X issues include a strange clicking noise when the console starts up and some instances of overheating. Over on the Xbox Series X subreddit, users have been generating a list of issues but overall they seem relatively minor.

Nintendo hasn’t been off the hook either, with thousands of users reporting drifting issues with their Switch’s Joy-Cons. While Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa apologized for the issues and the company has been repairing the Joy-Cons free of charge, the drifting has not stopped.

It is too early to say if these problems are indicative of larger issues across both consoles, but it is certainly something to monitor. As more users get hands-on time with their new consoles cases like these could be on the rise. Make sure to follow Daily Esports as more incidents come in and let us know in the comments how your system has been doing (if you were lucky enough to get one!).