Boston Uprising sign Seeker, add to DPS depth
Seeker Boston Uprising
Provided by the Boston Uprising.

Boston Uprising sign Seeker, add to DPS depth

A Canadian DPS gets his shot for Boston

The Boston Uprising have signed Canadian hitscan DPS player Alex “Seeker” Taylor, formerly of Noble, Revival and DarkMode NA, to their roster on Wednesday.

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While still under 18 years old, Seeker turns 18 on August 7. This means while he will not be available for the Uprising team for the Midseason Madness, he will be eligible during the Summer Showdown. On top of that, this marks the first signing since Boston’s President of Gaming Chris “HuK” Loranger parted ways with the organization on Tuesday.

Seeker’s path to the Uprising

Seeker started his Overwatch esports career in late 2019, in a practice season for the NA Contenders’ Open Division. On both DarkMode SA and NA, he proved himself as a talented hitscan player on heroes such as Widowmaker, Ashe and Hanzo.

His first taste of success was in Contenders South America, winning season two in 2020 for team Majestados as a substitute. Soon after, joining Contenders teams Susanoo and Revival, he improved. After a third place finish with Susanoo in November 2020, he won NA Contenders with Revival in March 2021. Despite leaving Revival and joining teams like Noble and Avidity, he never got to win Contenders again.

After fighting in some community clashes afterwards, he announced his hopes of joining the Overwatch League. While underage, the talent is there, and the Boston Uprising’s signing of him confirms that.

Boston’s future with Seeker

As mentioned earlier, Seeker won’t be able to play until the Summer Showdown due to his age. However, this signing adds depth in a position the Uprising needed to fill due to Kwon “Striker” Nam-joo’s early departure from the roster this season.

With that departure, it left the team with only two DPS to choose from. This meant there was no room for flexibility if a player couldn’t play a hero. Seeker helps lessen the burden on the Uprising’s DPS players. While he is a hitscan like teammate Oh “Victoria” Gi-hun, he has added flexibility on heroes like Junkrat and more.

Despite the mostly Korean roster, Seeker joins Canadian teammate William “Crimzo” Hernandez on the English speaking side. When he comes of age, we’ll see what Seeker can do for the Boston Uprising in the Overwatch League.

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