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Apex Legends players have already noticed the Bloodhound buff hidden among the announcements from Respawn’s Season 2 preview. Eye of the Allfather, Bloodhound’s tactical ability, will soon become much more reliable. However, there are more good things coming for the Technological Tracker in the next season.

You cannot hide

Bloodhound inadvertently became somewhat stronger in the current meta with Mirage’s recent buff. Thanks to the dramatically improved cloak, Mirage becomes completely invisible when he uses his ultimate ability. He’s also easier to lose track of when knocked down.

Don’t tell me Mirage ult isn’t OP after the update. from apexlegends

That is, unless you have Bloodhound on your team. Their entire tool kit is built around making sure Mirage ends up in the ground. From being able to scan his position through walls to tracking his footsteps, Bloodhound has no problem finding Mirage, even when cloaked. This is possibly the hardest counter to anything currently in Apex Legends.

And from what we’ve seen, they will be even better in Season 2. The improved Eye of the Allfather will not only spot enemies through solid objects and smoke, but it will also momentarily track them. Sorry, Mirage. Have fun while you still can.

Bloodhound will likely be a strong counter to Wattson in Season 2 as well. Eye of the Allfather scans enemy traps, so it will definitely reveal Wattson’s fences. It could also potentially reveal her Interception Pylon, should the game consider this deployable as a “trap.”

Stabby stab stab

We know Respawn scrapped at least one of Bloodhound’s finishers from Apex Legends‘ initial release. A screen-grab from an earlier build of the game shows them as having four finishers. While the one visible in the picture is Clean Kill, we don’t know what the rest are. We would especially like to see Wolf Mang Fist.

Unusuaed finishers from Apex Legends Bloodhound early concepts

Still, a new finisher would be a strictly cosmetic addition, right? Wrong! Apex Legends finisher animations have different length and, therefore, different relative time-to-kill. The current finishers all tend to be on the slow side, so a fresh 2-second finisher could be a great addition to Bloodhound’s kit in Season 2. It would help secure kills quickly and quietly, which is exactly in line with Bloodhound’s persona and role.

Also, we just really want to see that.

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