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Blizzard President Mike Ybarra recently confirmed on Twitter that the teams for Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo will be revealing news “over the coming weeks.” This was in response to the company’s newly announced in-development survival game when a fan mentioned their current live “underdeveloped” games. Much like the message that Ybarra posted on Blizzard’s forums, Blizzard is communicating plans for the future leading into the Microsoft acquisition.

Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo news coming soon

In terms of recent content, both Warcraft and Overwatch received minimal new content in 2021 coming into 2022. Of course, with Overwatch, fans are still wondering what the timeframe is for Overwatch 2. As Joshua Chu stated in an article for PC Invasion, the latest news for Overwatch 2 was the Sombra and Bastion rework announcements; that was in September of 2021. Fans are waiting for something more as the next Overwatch League season is only two months away. The importance of that Overwatch League season is the promise that players will be playing on Overwatch 2 soon after themselves. So far, no news has changed that promise.

There is a chance that the season will start before the game’s release with an alpha build for the professional players. But for now, the Blizzard president is saying that Overwatch is getting news in the coming weeks, alongside Warcraft.

As for Warcraft, Blizzard’s most recent announcement was involving WoW esports and their plans for 2022. It wasn’t just Warcraft and Overwatch mentioned, as Ybarra also said that Diablo news will follow after.

Including the survival game announcement, Ybarra’s post and this tweet, this all should happen soon after Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard’s teams. The new money coming in from the $68 billion purchase of Blizzard could help fund the teams and their projects, from Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV to the new survival game.

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