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The Pokémon Company  confirmed that Blissey will join Pokémon UNITE as its next playable character. She will become available in-game on Aug. 18; the same day as the upcoming Pokémon Presents livestream.

Blissey is classified as a Supporter in Pokémon UNITE. Her primary role will be to provide healing and stat boosts to her allies, rather than attacking and scoring on her own. Blissey will become the game’s fourth Supporter, following Eldegoss, Mr. Mime and Wigglypuff.

Blissey is the game’s third confirmed DLC character overall. In addition, she will be the second to join the game. The first DLC character, Gardevoir, released on July 28. While Blastoise was announced alongside Gardevoir, Blastoise has not yet made his way into Pokémon UNITE.

What we know about Blissey in Pokémon UNITE

Blissey has multiple tools that she can use to aid her teammates in Pokémon UNITE. She can act as a healer, while also having the option to increase the speed of Basic Attacks. Her gameplay trailer also shows her throwing an egg as an attack. This gives her at least one offensive option that she can use to beat wild Pokémon or pick off enemies in teamfights.

Blissey’s Unite Move is called Bliss Assistance. Upon using the move, she will rush toward a nearby ally. Blissey can then offer support to this teammate by protecting them from enemy attacks.

The gameplay trailer for this Normal-type Pokémon does not show either Happiny or Chansey — her pre-evolved forms. As a result, it is currently unclear whether she will begin each Unite Battle fully-evolved or if she will achieve her evolution over the course of the battle. There are some other Pokémon with pre-evolutions that begin Unite Battles fully-evolved, such as Lucario, Snorlax and Mr. Mime.

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