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Over the weekend, Marvel fans were treated to an official trailer of the next Black Panther film, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” Shortly after this trailer went live, rumors started to fly about a possible Black Panther game. The rumors were started by gaming journalist Jeff Grubb, who casually tweeted that it existed, shocking fans everywhere. During a follow-up live stream this morning, Grubb went into more detail over the reported game, claiming that it’s open-world and being developed by a new EA studio. It’s supposedly titled “Project Rainier” as of right now.

Black Panther has made appearances in games before — most recently in Marvel’s Avengers last August. While playing as the iconic character was exciting for fans, Marvel’s Avengers still couldn’t capture the audience with the addition. Despite that, it seems like EA is attempting to give Black Panther a fully-fledged game of his own.

Black Panther game supposedly being developed

Grubb claims that EA’s new Seattle-based studio is developing the Black Panther title; this new studio’s staff consists of some former Monolith Production developers, namely former VP Kevin Stephens. EA has yet to publicly announce the existence of a Black Panther title, but the Seattle studio has been up and running for around a year. At the moment, the only project the studio is publicly working on is a future Battlefield single-player campaign.

If Grubb is correct, though, then the studio is also secretly developing the Black Panther game. This game will apparently be a single-player, open-world RPG that lets players claim the mantle of the Black Panther. The details we have on the possible game are limited at the moment. However, fans could likely expect Wakanda to be at the center of this open-world experience at the very least.

We’ll have to wait for more details on the possibility of a Black Panther title. It appears it’s in early development, though, so fans shouldn’t expect an official announcement from EA anytime soon if the game does in fact exist.

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