Black Ops 4: Zombie boss Blightfather enters Blackout mode for a limited time

Black Ops 4: Zombie boss Blightfather enters Blackout mode for a limited time

It was Election Day yesterday, and Treyarch saw fit to celebrate with an update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The studio detailed a handful of changes immediately available with this update in a Reddit posting. So what changes can we expect? Well, there’s one, in particular, involving a limited-time boss in Blackout mode that is mighty thrilling. So, let’s get right into the most important things.

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There are a handful of weapons tweaks in Blackout that make things a bit more efficient. For instance, there are some recoil reductions, sway reductions, and the modifications to the speed of various actions for these weapons. Additionally, the 9-Bang has been removed from Blackout entirely. Finding this weapon was a tad unfair in the Blackout mode as it nearly guaranteed a kill with the ease of blinding an opponent. Additionally, playlists have been updated in Black Ops 4 multiplayer.

Players were also experiencing crashes and other bugs within Zombies mode. Treyarch endeavored to stabilize that mode for players who were experiencing these issues. Several other bugs and exploits were also corrected. Treyarch had a decent amount of changes to share. You can read the Reddit posting for a comprehensive list of all those details from weapons tweaks and edits to bug fixes.

A Blackout Boss emerges

But, let’s get to the juicy stuff. Get ready for the Blightfather. Black Ops 4 fans have a limited window to pursue the super-powered beast in Blackout. The Blightfather boss is only hanging around until Nov. 13 at 1 PM ET. So be sure to hunt the beast down now while you can.

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Image credit: Treyarch

Fans might recognize him from the Zombies mode or from an appearance in the Blackout beta. When he appears, he’ll be located near the graveyard close to the asylum, and he won’t be easy to bring down. If the Blightfather is active, you’ll see a red pillar of light similar to the blue beams you see that indicate mystery boxes. Treyarch promised great rewards for those who bring him down but warned that the task wouldn’t be easy. Not only is the Blightfather tough, but others will be hunting those attempting to take him on.

I assume these means we can expect Treyarch to throw more limited-time events and curveballs our way with Blackout. Are you excited about this development? Will you be hunting the Blightfather in Blackout mode? Let us know what your thoughts or experiences are in the comments below!