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As players progress through all the challenges the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games have for them, players may be needing some help determining what they should run in regards to specific types of Pokémon. Here is a quick guide to three of the best water type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Special Attacker: Tatsugiri

Screenshot via Nintendo Switch

Tatsugiri edges out the other water type special attackers in the game for a couple of reasons. The first is Tatsugiri’s typing. Tatsugiri is both Water and Dragon type, which is actually a very strong combination. Not only does it open Tatsugiri’s move pool wider with power dragon type special moves, but it also shores up every weakness a water Pokémon usually has, since Electric and Grass are weak against Dragon type Pokémon. The second reason is its synergy in doubles battles with its unique ability, Commander. If a player fields both Dondozo and Tatsugiri, they have access to one of the most potent combos in the entire game.


Physical Attacker: Palafin

Screenshot via Nintendo Switch

Palafin is not only one of the best water type physical attackers in the game, it’s also just one of the best physical sweepers period. With it’s unique Zero to Hero ability, Palafin’s base attack is an unreal 160 while in its hero form. And getting to that form is very easy for Palafin. Through moves like Flip Turn, U-Turn and Volt Switch, getting Palafin out and into the active slot is not an issue. And when it is in the active slot, there really is no stopping Palafin. With a plethora of good physical damage moves, Palafin has the stat spread necessary to run through every team.

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Flex: Toxapex

Screenshot via Nintendo Switch

The flex spot is reserved for an alternate attacker or something really bulky; Toxapex checks off that really bulky box. As one of the best tank Pokémon in the entire game, Toxapex is a must need for players wanting a bulky option for their water type Pokémon slot. Toxapex comes in with unreal defensive stats both physical and special. That is rare for a Pokémon seeing as many Pokémon specialize in one or the other. Toxapex has elite physical and special defense coming in at 152 base defense and 142 special defense. Players would be hard-pressed to find a Pokémon sturdier than this one. And with Poison as a secondary trait, it has ways to outlive almost every other Pokémon in the game.

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