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Vi has arrived in Teamfight Tactics set 6.5. In TFT: Neon Nights. Vi is a four-cost Rival Enforcer Bruiser and her Piltover Pulverizer makes her one of the premier Tank champions in the entire game. Through a mix of analysis by Upcomer’s TFT expert and data from API sites like Metatft.com, Upcomer has brought players a Vi TFT guide that goes over what the best Vi items, comps and positioning looks like.

Item Build

Tierlist showing Vi's items
Vi is unique as her best in slot is pretty much any three tank items. | Provided by Warren Younger/Tiermaker

Vi is one of the few champions in TFT that can realistically hold nearly any item and be viable. However, she is best used when she is a composition’s main tank champion. This means that players will want to prioritize tank items on her, with Bramble’s Vest, Ionic Spark, Dragon’s Claw and Titans Resolve being the best items for her. However, unlike other champions, it’s not vital to grab three S-tier items for her best in slot. In fact, since she is so versatile players can focus there item attention elsewhere knowing that whatever items are left for Vi will be good regardless.


Vi thrives when she is in the front row
Vi thrives when she is in the front row. Rarely she is ok in the second. | Provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg Team Builder

Vi is a tank champion and as such should be exclusively in the front row of a team composition. Even if she is a carry champion for a player with damage items, since she dashes to the backline anyways, it does not matter if she initially is in the front line. She is one of the best front line champions in the game because she buys so much time of the other champions in a team composition. If players want to keep her safe because they have other strong frontline threats, players can put Vi in the second row in very niche circumstances.

Top Comp

The current best comp featuring Vi as the main champion.
The current best comp featuring Vi as the main champion. | Provided by Warren Younger/lolchess.gg Team Builder

Vi works best in Bruiser focused comps or Enforcer focused comps. The best performing comp in the current meta game happens to be one that is bruiser focused. In this comp Vi plays the roll of the main tank and acts as a pseudo carry alongside Renata Glasc. This comp maxes out on the Bruiser trait and activates the Enforcer trait. This makes sure Vi gets as much value as possible.

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