Best TFT Malzahar Set 6.5 build guide: items, comps and positioning

Best TFT Malzahar Set 6.5 build guide: items, comps and positioning

Learn how to use one of the best carries in TFT Set 6.5
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Malzahar is a three-cost Mutant Arcanist in Teamfight Tactics set 6.5, and his Malefic Visions make him one of the premier carry champions in the game. Through a mix of analysis by Upcomer’s TFT expert and data from API sites like, here is a guide that goes over the best Malzahar items, comps and positioning.

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Item Build

Always look to grab all three items in Malzahar’s S-tier. | Provided by Warren Younger/Tiermaker

Malzahar is one of those champions that has a definitive best-in-slot list of items that should not be changed in nearly every single circumstance when possible. He thrives when he can cast many times in a round, so Blue Buff is vital.

Then, since he is a champion who does damage over time anyway, adding Morellonomicon accomplishes two things. First, enemies infected by his spell can’t heal through the damage. Second, the damage is amplified significantly.

Finally, there is Hextech Gunblade, which keeps Malz healthy throughout the fight. This combination of items is perfect on him. But in a pinch, players can substitute Gunblade for more damage if they can keep Malzahar healthy through other means, such as augments or the Omnivamp Mutant trait.


Keep Malzahar on the backline, always. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Malzhahr is one of those champions that absolutely needs to be on the backline. Out of every champion in the game, Malzahar might be the one that needs to be alive for the longest amount of time possible. Keeping him safe is the absolute goal in any comp when he is the main carry. Even moving him up the third row can spell disaster if players are not careful.

Top Comp

The best comp for Malzahar in the current metagame. Tank items go on Cho’Gath. | Provided by Warren Younger/ team builder.

Malzahar can be the best champion in the entire game, but that is entirely dependent on which Mutant trait is active. If the trait is synaptic web, which gives every Mutant mana reduction, there is not a better champion to serve as a comp’s carry.

With that said, Malzahahr thrives when he is surrounded by Mutants giving him the maximum value out of the trait. To compliment him, players should look to add in an Arcanist to keep his damage high enough to scale through the late game.

If players want to maximize on survivability, which is almost always better than adding in more damage (especially if Malzahar is three-star), then going for Alistar as the other champion in the comp is ideal.

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