Best TFT Augments for Patch 12.7
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Best TFT Augments for Patch 12.7

A look at the top five augments in each SIlver Gold and Prismatic tiers.

In Teamfight Tactics, players are always looking for ways to get a leg up on their competition through Champion, Comp and item guides. But in TFT Set 6, Gizmos and Gadgets and the mid-set expansion TFT Set 6.5, Neon Nights, the core gameplay mechanic of Hextech Augments add another layer to the game. Figuring out the best augments in any situation is hard but thanks to sites like, the best augment choices are in the numbers. Here are the top five augments in each of the Silver, Gold and Prismatic tiers for TFT Patch 12.7.

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Top Silver Augments

For the top five Silver augments in TFT Patch 12.7, there are five that average higher than a 4.25 placement making them significantly stronger than the other silver augment choices.

In fifth place lies Clockwork Heart. With Jhin being a force in the metagame this makes sense as it activates the Clockwork trait with only one champion and gives a decent amount of attack speed. In fourth place is Cybernetic Uplink. This one comes as somewhat of a surprise because to get a lot of value players have to spread items but in Scrap compositions, this augment is fantastic. Third place is Self Repair. With the Innovator trait being as dominant as it has been this comes as no surprise. Second place is Shrug it Off which is this high due to how good Bruisers are especially in the Renata Glasc Bruisers composition. And finally in first place is Calculated Loss. This is one of the best econ augments in the game as it lets players lose streak and build even more econ and shop refreshes than normal.

  • 5th: Clockwork Heart (4.22 Average Placement)
  • 4th: Cybernetic Uplink (4.21 Average Placement)
  • 3rd: Self Repair (4.19 Average Placement)
  • 2nd: Shrug it Off (4.13 Average Placement)
  • 1st: Calculated Loss (4.12 Average Placement)

Top Gold Augments

The top gold augments are filled with surprises. In the fifth-place spot is Cybernetic Implants 2. This augments again rewards players who spread out their items and the augment really excels in Scrap based compositions. Speaking of the Scrap trait, in fourth place is Scrap Crest. In third place is Built Different 2 which is one of the most powerful in the game but only rewards players who are savvy enough to play without traits. But this late into the expansion, the meta for this augment has been figured out. The second best gold augment is Broken Stopwatch which is due to how good Jhin has become in the current meta. And finally, the top gold augments in the game for the current patch is Cybernetic Uplink 2.

  • 5th: Cybernetic Implants 2 (4.14 Average Placement)
  • 4th: Scrap Crest (4.14 Average Placement)
  • 3rd: Built Different 2 (4.09 Average Placement)
  • 2nd: Broken Stopwatch (4.08 Average Placement)
  • 1st: Cybernetic Uplink 2 (4.05 Average Placement)

Top Prismatic Augments

Following the trend so far, the augments that benefit players who go for Scrap based compositions are the ones that can secure the highest average placement. In fifth place is Cybernetic Implants 3. In fourth is Stand United 3 which is the only Stand United in the top five of any tier. Mutant Crown comes in at third for its absurd power spike depending on which Mutant trait is the active one. Second place goes to Built Different 3. Finally, the best augment in the entire game when it comes to average placement is The Golden Egg. This is because players often only pick this augment when they are healthy enough for it to hatch. And once it does, the game is likely wrapped up for the person it hatches for.

  • 5th: Cybernetic Implants 3 (4.01 Average Placement)
  • 4th: Stand United 3 (3.98 Average Placement)
  • 3rd: Mutant Crown (3.96 Average Placement)
  • 2nd: Built Different 3 (3.90 Average Placement)
  • 1st: The Golden Egg (3.87 Average Placement)
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