Best plays in day two of HCS Anaheim
HCS Anaheim day two saw even more great plays
HCS Anaheim day two saw even more great plays | Photo provided by the HCS.

Best plays in day two of HCS Anaheim

As teams start to leave, the stakes rise and so do great plays
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With group stages over and the start of eliminations, day two of the HCS Anaheim NA 2022 regional finals provided more great plays. From the best of teams to the recently departed, specific players popped off, which led to some close series. Day one of HCS Anaheim had some great plays, but day two stepped it up as the stakes rose.

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OpTic’s Tommy “Lucid” Wilson runs rampant with the shock rifle

On the main stage, the winners bracket matchup between OpTic Gaming and United was exciting. Adding to that excitement was this chain of movement and shots that Lucid put together.

Chasen “SuperCC” Cavuto secures slayer for Fnatic with a post-mortem stick

Cloud9 versus Fnatic proved to keep two surprising things true: That Cloud9 can bleed and that Fnatic love taking games to map five. This was accentuated by SuperCC’s stick while dying, getting the final kill needed to win a big map against the Raleigh champions.

Sentinels’ Mathew “Royal2” Fiorante makes it work with a close-range shock rifle

In the popular matchup between FaZe Clan and Sentinels, Royal2 stepped up early on. After two enemies looked to flank him, a quick repulsor use led to some smart plays in close quarters.

SuperCC secures the sudden death flag to win map one against XSET

With SuperCC’s second appearance in plays of the day, this one was another clutch for Fnatic. In their losers bracket match against XSET, SuperCC got two kills to stop XSET from capping the map-winning flag. Then, he went in and ran as fast as he could to cap and win the first map. While this was Fnatic’s final game at HCS Anaheim and they didn’t slow down in their plays on day two.

eUnited’s Nick “KingNick” Panzella outsmarts and outshoots his opponents

The final standout play of the day is eUnited’s KingNick, who managed to land a very satisfying maneuver. Starting with a sniper headshot, his camo let him push in and get another kill off a shield break and shootg a grenade on the floor. Then, he rotated to get another snipe and keep their stronghold going.

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