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Gyarados, which has its best moveset in Pokémon GO consisting of Waterfall, Hydro Pump and Crunch.

Best moveset for Gyarados in Pokémon GO in 2023

How to use the most unexpected evolution from the Kanto region

In more Pokémon games than not, Gyarados is one of the strongest Pokémon that trainers can reliably add to their teams. After evolving from the unassuming Magikarp at level 20, it becomes an absolute powerhouse due to its impressive stats and useful move pool.

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Likewise, after parting with 400 Magikarp Candies, players can obtain a Gyarados for themselves in Pokémon GO. While it might take some time to collect enough wild Magikarp, the payoff is well worth it. Here’s everything to know about the best moveset for Gyarados in Pokémon GO.

Tips for using Gyarados

In order to take advantage of the best moveset for Gyarados in Pokémon GO, trainers will need to understand the serpentine monster’s strengths and weaknesses. It has a commanding 237 Base Attack stat. Meanwhile, its other stats are still commendable, as it boasts a 216 Base Stamina stat and a 186 Base Defense stat.

As a Water/Flying-type, Gyarados fares especially well against Ground-types, as it has a double resistance to Ground. Its strong defensive typing also grants it resistances to Fighting, Bug, Steel, Fire and Water. On the flip side, it has a double weakness to Electric and is also weak to Rock.

If trainers have enough Mega Energy, they also have the option to Mega Evolve their Gyarados. However, players should note that Mega Gyarados is a Water/Dark-type and has different type match-ups than its regular form as a result.

Mega Gyarados has more resistances than Gyarados overall, with a double resistance to Psychic and normal resistances to Ghost, Steel, Fire, Water, Ice and Bug. However, it also has significantly more weaknesses. While Mega Gyarados doesn’t have any double weaknesses, it still takes super effective damage from Fighting, Bug, Grass, Electric and Fairy.

Best moveset for Gyarados in Pokémon GO

Mega Gyarados in Pokémon GO
To Mega Evolve Gyarados, trainers will initially have to spend 300 Mega Energy, with subsequent Mega Evolutions costing 60 Mega Energy. | Provided by Niantic

Gyarados benefits from running Waterfall as its Fast Attack. It dishes out noticeably more damage per second than any other Fast Attack the Pokémon can learn. In addition, Gyarados gains the same type attack bonus with Waterfall, making the move even more potent.

Hydro Pump is the best Charged Attack to use on Gyarados. It deals 47.3 damage per second, the most of any move Gyarados can learn besides Return. Of course, Gyarados gains STAB on Hydro Pump, meaning it is stronger than Return overall. In addition, players will have to spend significantly less energy per second to launch a Hydro Pump than a Return.

Another useful Charged Attack to include in the best moveset for Gyarados in Pokémon GO is Crunch. Although Crunch is relatively weak, it also exhausts less energy per second than any other Charged Attack Gyarados can learn. This means Gyarados can charge it up quickly and deliver a parting blow if it is close to getting knocked out. In addition, Gyarados will gain STAB on Crunch if it opts to Mega Evolve.

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