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Halo Infinite mutliplayer preview
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Best Halo Infinite glitches from day one of testing

Halo Infinite's multiplayer technical preview began Sept. 24

There are few things more entertaining than in-game bugs and glitches. Halo Infinite’s multiplayer technical preview rolled out on Sept. 24 and had plenty of its own bugs for players to stumble upon. Here are some of the funniest ones that have been posted to Twitter and Reddit on the first day of the preview.

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Halo Infinite or Wii Boxing?

In the test flight, a user by the name of Sprucelass on Twitter got a video of what happens when a player tries to swap weapons while performing a melee attack. For those who could replicate the glitch, the outcome is absolutely hilarious. What you get is a Spartan rushing forward and spamming the melee like something out of a match from Wii Boxing.

“So in the current flight test build, if you swap weapons while doing a melee attack you cancel the animation, meaning you can do stuff like this,” said Sprucelass on Twitter with the clip of the glitch attached.

Hey, the floor is wet!

On one of the maps in Halo Infinite, a Reddit user by the name u/Rough-Many-4308 posted a video of the wet floor signs multiplying and completely covering the floor of the room they were in. One can never be too cautious when it comes to tripping hazards.

Just got the funniest bug I’ve ever encountered, I missed Halo Infinite from halo

“Just got the funniest bug I’ve ever encountered, I miss Halo Infinite,” said Rough-Many-4308 in their post on Reddit.

Dancing on the ceiling

Who knew that 343 Industries added a tribute to Lionel Richie’s 1986 song Dancing on the Ceiling in the technical preview? Well, one Reddit user by the name of u/OzTane captured a video of his character walking on the wall and then showing actual footsteps on the ceiling.

What do I win for finding the most obscure bug in Halo Infinite? from halo

“What do I win for finding the most obscure bug in Halo Infinite,” questioned OzTane when they posted the footsteps on the ceiling video to Reddit.

With all of these unique and hilarious glitches present on day one of the multiplayer technical preview, there are bound to be more discoveries as players get more hands-on time. Halo Infinite’s technical preview continues until Sept. 26 and starts again from Sept. 30 – Oct. 3. Matchmaking for multiplayer will be broken up into two different sections on each day. One in the morning and the other in the evening as the ultimate test for the Halo Infinite server. What we’ve seen from the preview so far are infinite customization options, multiple maps, and a mode to practice against bots.

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