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As players progress through all the challenges the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games have for them, players may be needing some help determining what they should run in regards to specific types of Pokémon. Here is a quick guide to three of the best fire-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Special Attacker: Armarouge

Screenshot via Nintendo Switch.

Armarouge is one of the best special attackers in the game considering how his stat spread is laid out. With a 125 base special attack, Armarouge definitely packs a punch that any team can use. Armarouge is also a dual Fire/Psychic type, giving it even more viability; the best Psychic moves are all special attacks. On top of all that, Armarouge also has respectable defense, giving it the ability to trade punches instead of just being a glass cannon. Its weakest stat is physical attack, which doesn’t actually matter, since Armarouge should be focused on special moves.

Physical Attacker: Ceruledge

Provided by Nintendo.

In terms of physical damage attackers, there is not a paradox or legendary fire type Pokémon with higher base damage than the Violet evolution of Charcadet, Ceruledge. Out of all the new Pokémon, Ceruledge comes in at 125 base attack which is 15 higher than the next closest Pokémon which is Tauros. Its only weak spot is in its special attack but that is irrelevant seeing as all of its moves will be physical. In fact, it’s optimal that its worse stat is special attack because it makes choosing a nature for Ceruledge very easy.


Flex: Scovillain

Screenshot via Nintendo Switch.

The fire and grass spicy pepper Pokémon Scovillain fits the flex spot perfectly. The Pokémon isn’t a tank with high defense but with an equally potent physical and special attack, Scovillain can slot into team comps in either attack type department. Scovillain has 108 base physical attack and 108 base special attack; it also has access to an arsenal of great grass and fire type moves. Players should definitely consider adding Scovillain to their team.

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