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The PUBG Corporation has postponed Player Unkown Battlegrounds (PUBG) Global Series (PGS) Berlin event. The announcement came in a brief statement issued on Monday. PUBG Corp cites the ongoing coronavirus outbreak as the reason for the postponement. 

Coronavirus has continued to spread and is claiming victims in record numbers. China has now reported over 900 fatalities since the crisis began in December, with more than 40,000 confirmed cases. Outside of China, there have been an additional 300 confirmed cases of coronavirus and one confirmed death. In response, the World Health Organization has declared a global health emergency. As nations around the world attempt to contain the virus, many international sporting events are being delayed.

PUBG Corporation playing it safe

PUBG Corporation states they have been closely monitoring the epidemic, leading them to decide to postpone PGS: Berlin. The company says they are “actively exploring options” for rescheduling. As of now, according to the statement, they remain committed to hosting four PGS events in 2020. The decision may also have an impact on the schedule of regional qualifying events, though no details have been provided.

The PGS: Berlin event

Originally scheduled for March 31 to April 12, PGS: Berlin was to be the first of four events leading to the PUBG Global Championship. Each of the tournaments will include open qualifications for teams around the world. Additionally, a total prize pool of $500,000 is up for grabs at each of the events. Though the statement from PUBG Corporation refers only to rescheduling, it remains unclear if the Berlin event may also require a change of venue.

The delay of PGS: Berlin event comes after PUBG Corporation canceled the Global Series Qualifiers for China. In an effort to provide aid in Wuhan, the region most affected by the epidemic, the company recently donated $3,000,000 to the Chinese Red Cross Association.