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The new Beast Boy DC outfit drops into Fortnite Friday, May 14. Whilst players might have seen him in some Fortnite game modes already, Beast Boy will be available for everyone from tomorrow.

Getting Beast Boy’s gear

Beast Boy’s outfit, back bling and pick axe will also be available, alongside the character itself. There’s also a built-in emote that will turn Beast Boy into his Gorilla form. Unlike many of the outfits that have released recently, there’s no Beast Boy-themed glider. Each of the Beast Boy items will be available in the shop tomorrow as a bundle, or to purchase separately.

But, if you can’t wait that long, then there’s a way to score the Beast Boy outfit right now. You’ll need to log into the Teen Titans Cup and compete in the limited-time Duos mode.

This mode has players posing as Beast Boy and Raven. If you and your Duo partner can score at least 80 points, then you’ll earn the BBRae Loading Screen, while everyone who competes will earn the Beast Boy Raven Spray, just for participating. If you want to acquire the full outfit early, you and your partner will need to place in the top percentage for your region. Due to different times zones, the Teen Titans Cup has already finished in some regions.

The special BBRae Loading Screen. Image provided by Epic Games

To see if the Teen Titans Cup is still available on your server, click the Competitions tab once you’ve logged into Fortnite.

If you didn’t place in the top portion for your region, or you missed out entirely, you’ll just have to wait until Friday. You’ll then be able to purchase the Beast Boy outfit as part of your permanent collection through the item shop.

Players who did participate in the tournament may have to wait a day or so until the spray and loading screen appears in their inventory. Will you be getting the Fortnite Beast Boy outfit? Have you also acquired the Unstable Bow? Check out our Fortnite area for more breaking news and item guides.

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