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Battle of BC, Western Canada’s premier Super Smash Bros. regional dating back to 2017, is now back for its fourth iteration in 2022. The event will take place from Jun-12 on the University of British Columbia campus.

Battle of BC 4 returns

Battle of BC is back, once again, to bring Western Canada its taste of high-level Super Smash Bros. The event will run through a weekend in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia on the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. The event is capped at 1,024 entrants and will feature Super Smash Brothers Melee and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Players will be able to register for both singles and doubles. The early bird registration for the event has begun and will last through April 3, 2022.

The event will take place in the AMS Student Nest on the UBC campus and will feature artist alleys, side events, panels from prominent players, exhibition matches and after-parties hosted at the Pit Pub in the same building.

In its four-year history, Western Canada’s premier regional has been attended by some of the biggest names in Smash bros., including Zain “Zain” Naghami, Johnny “S2J” Kim, William “Leffen” Peter Hjelte and Leonardo “MkLeo” López Pérez (who is currently the best Super Smash Brothers Ultimate player in the world).

“Battle of BC is Galint Gaming’s flagship in-person event, and over the past few years our team has grown up significantly,” Battle of BC tournament organizer Kevin Dhir said. “We’re excited to continue raising the bar for esports event experiences, and putting out all towards making Battle of BC not just among the best events in Canada, but in the world. Canada and the Pacific Northwest are often slept on and overshadowed by the United States, but with Battle of BC we have the opportunity to bring the spotlight to our amazing community and our beautiful city to show the world what they’ve been missing out on.”

The event will feature spectator passes that are for the full weekend or specific days. Players who are flying in will also have access to cheaper accommodations around the UBC area.

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