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Baldur’s Gate 3 has continued to be considered one of the best games of the year thanks to its dynamic and extensive storyline. The gameplay is never the same whenever you start a new campaign due to all of the hidden interactions and events. One popular hidden interaction revolves around Gale’s contingency plan.

Gale is a wizard so he’s very powerful but also a bit squishy. Able to be knocked down very easily, Gale is often at risk during combat. If he does die, however, there’s a contingency plan that will revive him if the instructions are followed correctly.

How to revive Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3

Immediately when Gale dies in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll automatically interact with a ghost version of him after combat has ended. The ghost will explain to you that Gale prepared for his death beforehand and has been carrying around a scroll that can be used to revive him.

However, the scroll is protected so not just anyone can access it. You’ll need his instructions to retrieve the scroll and revive Gale. This includes reciting certain phrases and answering some questions. After the ghost version of Gale tells you all you need to know, you’ll need to get the pouch from Gale’s fallen body.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to revive Gale:

  1. Open the pouch and unthread the purple seam counter-clockwise
  2. Grab the flute inside
  3. Position your fingers to play individual notes: D, E, A, D
  4. Answer the Mephit’s question with “K’ha’ssji’trach’ash”
  5. Hand the letter over

The Mephit will breath fire onto the letter, transforming it into a Scroll of Revivify. Use this to revive Gale and then discuss what happened with him back at camp.

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