Baldur's Gate 3: How to get into the Lower City sewers in BG3
Baldur's Gate 3: How to get into the sewers beneath the city in BG3
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Baldur’s Gate 3: How to get into the Lower City sewers in BG3

Another world in the Lower City

Act 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3 is separated into a few different maps, with the Lower City being the biggest of the bunch. While you will spend most of your time exploring the actual city and all of its attractions, there is an entirely other world beneath the surface in the Lower City Sewers.

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You can think of the sewers as the Lower City’s version of the Underdark. There are entirely new characters, locations, and items to find in this underground world. It’s here where you can find the Guildhall, recruit Minsc, and explore the Temple of Bhaal, among many other things.

However, you might be hard-pressed to find a way into the Lower City sewers, so I’m here to help.

Entering the Lower City sewers in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are several different secret entrances to the Lower City Sewers. Perhaps the easiest way is through the Guildhall, though, which you can reach by going inside the Basilisk Gate Barracks. Here, you will find a door labeled Prison Entrance, which you can go through to find another entrance, called the Pit Latrine.

This leads you into the sewers, and you need to navigate your way through the gas and onto another platform to reach a door called “No Entry – No Exit.” This is your main door to the Guildhall.

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Once you’re inside the Guildhall, I recommend going through and finding another exit that leads you into the Lower City. Now that you have gone through this revealed entrance, which is right by the Heapside Strands waypoint, you can use it to enter the Guildhall at any time.

However, these entrances only get you into the Guildhall; you still need a way to get into the actual sewers, which are located beyond the guild. The easiest way to get into the sewers is to go through a manhole located right next to The Glitter Gala store and Bloomridge Park, and across the street to the northwest from the Blushing Mermaid.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to get into the sewers beneath the city in BG3
The manhole is located right where the custom marker is placed. | Screenshot via Upcomer

You can fast travel to the Lower City Central Wall or Baldur’s Gate waypoints to access the manhole quickly. Once you climb down the manhole, you will be directly north of the City Sewers waypoint, so head south to reach it and you will now have a permanent fast travel point.

Baldur's Gate 3: How to get into the sewers beneath the city in BG3
A full map of the Lower City sewers. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Another way to get into the sewers is by going through Nine-Finger’s Keene’s bedroom in her office. Unlock a secret door behind a bookcase in the room and you can access the south end of the sewers from there.

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