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Notable Twitch streamer Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten and her Click House team raised $318,511.40 AUD for charity. As bush fires rage across Australia, Loserfruit and the Click House team decided to do something about it. Their initial goal was only $15,000 AUD, and they managed to raised over 20 times that!

Australian bush fires

The fires ravaging Australia are making headlines all around the world. Volunteer fire fighters are risking their lives, and over 500 million animals have been killed. Many people have lost their homes and many more evacuated. Loserfruit, the popular Twitch streamer from Australia, isn’t the only one who wanted to do something about the fires. She gathered the Click House team, and they set to work.

With their stream, the team raised just over $315,000 AU (over $216,000 US). Their fundraising efforts have been distributed to charities helping with Australia’s current bush fire crisis. Their chosen charities were the Australian Red Cross, NSW Rural Fire Service, and WIRES. The large sum of money was split even between these charities. They were chosen because they helped three main causes Loserfruit was passionate about. Across three of her tweets, she says:

[We’re] donating to help volunteer firefighters (RFS, CFA & other state fire departments Australia). The majority of firefighters in Australia are volunteers. Donations to help provide more firefighting resources to combat the bushfires.

Red Cross Disaster Relief – supporting thousands of people who HAD to leave their homes because of the fires. Donating provides emergency assistance, recovery, and shelter for communities affected. Over 1300+ homes have been destroyed in the bushfires.

WIRES – Donating helps rehabilitate injured animals and home stranded animals that have been affected by the bushfire. It’s been estimated that over half a billion animals have been killed in the NSW bushfires since September.

Loserfruit and the Click House team’s 24-hour stream

Loserfruit is well known for her Fortnite streams, IRL chats, lifestyle vlogs, and random cooking streams . She competed in the Fortnite Summer Smash last year and is set to make an appearance again next month. The Aussie streamer has over 1.1 million followers on her Twitch channel. With these kind of numbers, it’s no wonder her charity stream was such a success.

The charity stream took place just two days ago. The stream hit $1,000 in a matter of minutes and quickly turned into $100,000. Loserfruit set up some stretch goals, saying the stream would be extended by another 12 hours if they hit $200,000. This goal was met. Over the course of the 36 hours, Loserfruit had many famous guest streamers. Muselk and Lazarbeam — both Fortnite Summer Smash competitors — made appearances. Plenty more showed up too. They all took turns playing Fortnite and The Sims 4 as well as taking breaks, reading donations, and watching some of the footage form the Australian bush fires.

As Loserfruit calls out in her tweet above, she couldn’t have done this without her two “wingmen,” Crayator and Fasffy. Congratulations to everyone involved on raising some much needed funds for bush fire relief!

She’s not the only streamer raising money

Celebrities from all around the world have been donating money to Australia’s cause. Gamers have united, and Loserfruit isn’t the only one. Hundreds of Aussie streamers have started their own charity streams. Many are combining their efforts, jumping on each other’s channels, and spreading the word. Plenty of stream teams and esports organizations are hosting charity events too. From the success of Loserfruit’s team, Click House want to continue the fundraising efforts.

Nicole Constantine, the Senior Talent Manager for Click Management, has put a call out to some of Australia’s gaming communities. Click will be kicking of a #fightthefires campaign. They hope to raise a total of $1 million in addition to the amount Loserfruit has already raised.

If you want to follow what’s happening on the Australia’s bush fire front, follow the hashtags #Australianfires, #NSWfires, and #Vicfires on Twitter. If you want to donate directly to some of the charities above, please see Australian Red Cross, NSW RFS, Country Fire Authority, WIRES, Australian Wildlife Fund.