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“AstroNinja0” won the ARMS event at the online tournament Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc on April 5. Across the seven sets he played, AstroNinja0 only lost two games throughout the entire tournament.

AstroNinja0 started his run with flawless victories over players like Andres “Andyres_” Lorenzana, “Metal”, and “TC”. In Winners Quarters, he defeated Peter “Serp” Ghobrial, earning himself a spot in top 8 on winners side. AstroNinja0’s dominant streak continued in top 8, as he defeated Danny “hanukkahjamboree” Cohen 3-0.

AstroNinja0 seemed to falter in Winners Finals, as he dropped the first two games to Garrett “Asqew” Reamer. However, he pulled off the reverse 3-0 to advance into Grand Finals. AstroNinja0 beat Asqew once again in Grands, this time without losing a game. In doing so, he earned himself 1st place at the Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc ARMS tournament.

Just one day before Bamboo Battles, AstroNinja0 won the ARMS North American Online Open April 2020 hosted by Nintendo. AstroNinja0 made it out of pools by defeating the likes of Eve “Mileve” S. and Ignatius “N-man” Chibitty. In the main bracket, he beat Henry “Resolve” Mason, “JMCANADA”, and Jonathan “GoreMagala” Valdes. Throughout that entire tournament, AstroNinja0 only dropped a single game to GoreMagala.

Other results from ARMS at Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc

Asqew had a strong showing through his 2nd place finish at the Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc ARMS tournament. He defeated Phil “Steelhead” Denzmore Jr., “Gillyboat4”, and James “Dendy” F. before running into AstroNinja0 in Winners Finals. Up to that point, Asqew had not lost a single game. Asqew also defeated King “Dastardly” D. in Losers Finals.

Dastardly’s run to 3rd place came with a handful of impressive wins. Dastardly defeated Hunter “Dartremix” J. in the winners bracket, but then dropped into losers after a loss to hanukkahjamboree. From there, Dastardly eliminated Evan “Spenjo” Spencer, Steelhead, Dendy, and Dartremix without dropping any games.

This ARMS event was just the first tournament to be hosted as part of the Bamboo Battles: Hibernation Arc. Hosted by Panda Global, this online tournament series will continue through May 31. Its next bracket, a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament with items enabled, will take place on April 8.