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A Japanese Fortnite Champion Series Invitational (FNCS Invitational) winner has been banned shortly after winning his title. The competitive player who’s known as “Sekosama” was given a 14-day ban due to teaming. Additionally, all of his earnings were stripped away along with his 1st place title. FNCS Solos runner-up “Qjac” has now received his top spot in the Asian FNCS Invitational.

Sekosama won his then-title as the Invitational winner with over 200 points. Unfortunately, it all went to waste when a Reddit user called out his cheating. They posted a video of the clips in which Sekosama was seen working with his teammate, “Qoo.” This almost mirrors a recent situation where FaZe Clan’s Daniel “Dubs” Walsh was banned for the same reason. Epic Games had given him and a teammate a 30-day suspension for teaming, which is basically when players on opposing teams play together in order to gain an advantage over others. This behavior is against Epic Games’ rules, and players who are caught teaming are met with disciplinary action.


Cheating to get to the top

Additionally, the clip shows Sekosama speaking to Qoo over Discord. This is an obvious attempt to cheat and make his way to the top, which went unnoticed.

However, the ban resulted in all of his prize money being taken away. Qjac then took his place, taking in $15,000 USD in prize money. Shortly after, a Twitter user shared that he was in the same Discord call as both players who were caught teaming. He stated in his original tweet, “I was in the call listening to them and watching (their) GoLive teaming and helping each other so Sekosama could get 1st and win 15,000$.”


As this is only a two-week ban, some Fortnite followers feel that the time frame is unfair. Other cheating players have received 30-60-day bans in the past, so the two-week ban seems a bit generous.

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