ArenaNet confirms a bright future and fourth expansion for Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 is headed towards a bright future according to a blogpost by ArenaNet
Provided by ArenaNet

ArenaNet confirms a bright future and fourth expansion for Guild Wars 2

A detailed blog post explains both short term and long term additions
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ArenaNet has already confirmed a fourth expansion for MMORPG Guild Wars 2 only a few weeks after its third, End of Dragons, hit shelves. In a detailed blog post, the Bellevue-based studio outlined the short and long-term future of the nearly 10-year-old MMO.

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With the 10-year-long story arc of Guild Wars 2 coming to a conclusion with the End of Dragons expansion, along with the seemingly dwindling player population and low-frequency of updates, many fans expected the game to be on its last legs. Another story chapter was perhaps on the table, but a long-term future seemed uncertain to many in the community.

However, the blog put to bed all the theories and fears. It not only announced the eventual arrival of fan-favorite requests such as the return of the first-ever Living World chapters as a permanent addition to the Story Journal, but it also confirmed a new chapter in the Living World alongside a fourth expansion.

A bright future for Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet noted that the conclusion of the 10-year arc provided an opportunity to look at the future of the game and how the studio releases its content. End of Dragons outsold the previous expansion, Path of Fire, and the game’s active population more than doubled during the last three years. This allowed ArenaNet to plan for a bright future with frequent updates and the long-awaited release on Steam.

“Last July, we said that we were making some big changes at the studio that are necessary to make our ambitious goals a reality,” Studio Directors John Taylor and Colin Johanson said jointly. “Since then, we’ve strengthened our leadership team, worked to improve our communication with all of you and shipped the third expansion for Guild Wars 2. We’ve also invested in major foundational long-term projects to ensure the game’s future, like DirectX11, the Legendary Armory and WvW World Restructuring. This long-term focus is paying off — we’re seeing incredible growth in the community.”

The 2022 Spring roadmap

Besides teasing a new story, expansion, regular updates to professions and World vs. World gameplay, ArenaNet covered the short-term. Guild Wars 2 players can expect several updates in the coming months, starting with updates to the current expansion, End of Dragons, in the form of new Challenge Mode Strikes and two Legendary Weapon variants. Then, Living World Season 1 finally makes its return with Episodes 1 and 2.

The spring roadmap will conclude with the ever-popular season festivals, Super Adventure Festival and Dragon Bash, and is capped off by updates to professions and World vs. World.

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