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Developer Arc System Works has announced a second open beta test for fighting game Guilty Gear Strive. The test will begin on May 13 at 11 p.m. ET and will end May 16 at 10:59 a.m. ET. At present, this beta is only available for players on PlayStation platforms.

The beta will include all 15 launch characters, including Anji and I-No. Anji had just been announced when the first beta test took place. I-No had yet to be revealed prior to this announcement.

Lobbies have been reworked for this beta test, with rematches added. When joining a match in a ranked tower, you can now rematch up to three times. In the Open Park casual mode, you can rematch as many times as you want.

Improved lobbies for all

The lack of a rematch feature was one of the derided components of the last Guilty Gear Strive beta. Additionally, stations have been added to the lobbies to make it clearer where to queue for matches. This brings the Guilty Gear Strive lobbies system more in line with other Arc System Works’ titles. Arc System Works generally uses arcade stations in a lobby to indicate where a player can set up for matches.

Several modes will be available during this next Guilty Gear Strive beta test. Offline versus, tutorial and training modes will be available, along with online matches as well. In online matches, the game will now display rollback frame data, another much requested addition. The player’s ping will also be presented on screen, so that players can more easily track their connection strength in matches.

Additional adjustments include changes to fall speed when using the same move multiple times in a combo and making aerial actions have more recovery upon landing. Finally, the “command normal forward plus P” has been made a universal anti-air attack for all characters.

This second open beta comes after Arc System Works made the decision to delay the game from its original April 9 release date. The game will now be released on June 11.