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Along with the release of Season 4, another event will arrive shortly in Apex Legends. Next Friday happens to be Valentine’s Day, which Respawn celebrated in-game last year. Now, with a year of experience under its belt, we should see even more content than we did before. Leaks seem to back this up, as data-miners have found several files relating to the holiday. Included is a return to the Kings Canyon map and the arrival of Duos mode. Let’s take a look and see what the leaks are saying about the upcoming Apex Legends event.

Valentine’s Day in Apex Legends

While Valentine’s Day is always on Feb. 14, Respawn is reportedly starting the celebration early. According to known data-miner @Shrugtal, the Apex event is slated to begin on Feb. 12 with the introduction of Duos mode.

However, this isn’t standard Duos like we’ve seen in the past. Instead, this version apparently comes with some extra XP if you team up with a friend. That said, it’s presumed that you will still be able to play even if you don’t party up with someone beforehand.

Along with Duos is a supposed return to Kings Canyon. This is likely an homage to when Apex Legends first released over one year ago. And hey, the Valentine’s Day event last year took place on that map, so why shouldn’t this one as well? That said, the Kings Canyon LTM is only scheduled to last for a few days: Feb. 21-24.

Shrugtal also cautions that the files relating to Kings Canyon could be in reference to the map returning for Ranked Play in March. Even so, Respawn knows how much Apex Legends fans enjoy Kings Canyon. So, we’re leaning towards the map returning for the event.

Those are all the leaks we have about the Valentine’s Day event! Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.