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Apex Legends has received a small update that temporarily limits the number of no-fill players to two per match. It also disables the new Heat Shield item that came with the Limited Time Ring Fury Mode.

Players now have the option to enter a match on their own, rather than in a team. This was added in the latest update when the Chaos Theory Collection event began. However, it sometimes started matches with fewer than 60 players. Respawn has disabled the “no-fill” option until they find a fix for the issue.

No-fill was a much-requested feature, which Respawn Entertainment introduced in place of a solo queue playlist. However, lone wolves will have to be a little more patient now that it has proven to be unoptimized.

Apex Legends Heat Shield disabled until further notice

A glitch that sometimes caused the new Heat Shield to be permanent, rather than have a health pool that drops as it takes ring damage, has forced Respawn Entertainment to pull the new survival item from ranked and private matches indefinitely. While they mention that bug fixes are coming by next week, no ETA was given for when the item might return.

The item arrived alongside the LTM Ring Fury, where Ring Flares—small pockets of the ring and its current damage—appear on the Kings Canyon map. The Heat Shield temporarily protects players from taking damage by placing down a protective shield akin to Gibraltar’s dome. Preventing all damage from outside, it also increases healing and reviving by 50 percent and 25 percent, respectively, as long as the ring (or ring flares) are damaging the shield. Heat Shields should remain a permanent feature in the core game once the Chaos Theory event ends on March 23.

Respawn also announced that the current stage of Ring Fury, Stage 2, is extended until Monday, March 15.