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The Apex Legends Shadowfall mode is a brutal game of cat and mouse. Some of the legends that normally dominate the arena are a lot less strong in this nightmarish solo contest. To help you win, we have broken down the strengths and weaknesses of all 11 current legends.

These legends are shadow food

Crypto and Gibraltar sit right at the bottom of the Apex Legends Shadowfall food chain. Gibraltar normally excels at supporting his squadmates in firefights and has very little to offer in a solo mode against the monsters. His gunshield is very visible in the dark, and his dome is of no help against Shadows. Being Fortified lets him survive a single Shadow hit even with white armor, but that isn’t enough to make a difference. Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment is very hard to use in any meaningful way, too. For his part, Crypto’s skill set is too technical and awkward to use in the fast-paced Shadowfall mode.

Lifeline and Bangalore come ahead of Gibraltar and Crypto but are still fairly weak in the mode. Lifeline’s abilities are mostly wasted in Shadowfall, either forcing her to stay in one place or outright revealing her location. Bangalore’s smoke is useless, as Shadows can see through it with their innate threat detection vision. Her Double Time passive also won’t get much use against melee attacks. Her only saving grace is that she can carpet-bomb the evac zone to open up passage for a couple of seconds. Any Shadows standing in the blast zone will be evaporated.

Apex Legends Fight or Friday Gibraltar skin

Decent picks

When stimmed, Octane still cannot outrun a Shadow, but his mobility does give him a fighting chance. More defensively minded players will find Caustic and Wattson reasonably strong in the early Apex Legends Shadowfall game. As players have already discovered, Wattson can survive forever in a well-constructed electric maze. Nox gas is also useful against Shadows, who have to wade through it to get to Caustic and have no way to destroy his barrels without triggering them. However, as Caustic you have to ration your traps and place them perfectly to force Shadows to trigger them.

Mirage is in an interesting spot in Shadowfall. On one hand, his decoys are a lot less useful in the dark since human players sometimes miss them completely. On the other, Shadows are very easily bamboozled by them. They cannot distinguish decoys from the real Mirage, and if they commit to killing one they have to chase it down on foot. When he uses his ultimate, Mirage becomes completely invisible to Shadows as well, which makes saving it for the evac zone a must. Overall, the Holographic Trickster is rated different — neither great nor bad.

Shadowfall predators

Pathfinder is still as top-tier as always in the first half of any Shadowfall match. Later on he loses some of his benefits against Shadows. They can generally catch him regardless of how far or high he runs. The advantage of his weird hitbox is also lost against melee attacks. However, Pathfinder is the one legend who can make it onto the evac ship the safest. His Zipline can also help other legends find their path to salvation.

Apex Legends Shadowfall Pathfinder Fight or Fright

All the things that make Wraith a great legend in regular Apex Legends are in play in Shadowfall. Her on-demand invulnerability, her strong mobility and juking potential are just as great in the dark. She has no distinct advantages against Shadows, but also no vulnerabilities. Finally, her portals can be game-breaking in shortening the distance to the evac ship for other survivors.

Finally, we get to Bloodhound, whose situational abilities and highly shootable head make them sub-par in regular play. However, the Technological Tracker shines in the darkness of Shadowfall. Their passive helps them find or avoid other players as desired. Beast of the Hunt is a great ultimate on any day, but it is downright monstrous at night. The only disadvantage Bloodhound has is that using the ultimate makes them louder and more visible. Kill your targets fast to avoid getting caught.

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