Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes detail Revenant nerfs, Horizon buffs
The updated Epicenter location on Apex Legends Season 10 World's Edge
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Apex Legends Season 10 patch notes detail Revenant nerfs, Horizon buffs

The full patch notes break down legend changes, loot rotations and more
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Respawn Entertainment has released patch notes for Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence on August 2. The notes detail updates to several Legends and changes to the loot pool.

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The patch, which goes live on August 3, includes tweaks to Revenant, Horizon, Fuze, and Caustic. The changes come alongside previously revealed new content, including a significant overhaul to World’s Edge. The newest Legend, Seer, as well as the new Rampage light machine gun, will also release with the patch.

Apex Legends Season 10 legend changes

The biggest news in the patch notes is the detailed information on Legend changes. Revenant’s Death Totem ultimate is receiving some alterations to improve counterplay, and will now have an audiovisual cue when Death Protection is close to expiring. Players will also be briefly slowed after they are recalled to the Death Totem, hindering a quick second push.

Also, Horizon is receiving a buff to her gravity lift speed. According to a developer note, it should sit at “a happy medium between how fast her gravity lift operated at release and how slow it was after the nerf [in Season 9].” Fuse and Caustic are also receiving buffs in Season 10. Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate now reveals enemies inside its ring of fire, and his Knuckle Clusters received a 100% duration increase. Caustic’s cooldowns have both been reduced slightly, and his gas damage now scales up over time. However, his ultimate is getting a slight compensatory duration nerf, dropping to 15 seconds from 20.

Loot pool changes in Emergence

The care package loot rotation for Apex Legends Season 10
Apex Legends loot. | Provided by EA

The 5-round-burst Prowler SMG is leaving care packages and will once again be available as floor loot. In its place, the Spitfire and Alternator are becoming package only drops. The Spitfire will have the nerfs it received in Season 9 reverted to make it care package-worthy. The Alternator is getting a boost as well, in the form of the powerful Disruptor Rounds hop-up. Disruptor Rounds grant a significant boost to shield damage. They were originally featured in Season 2 and then promptly removed after taking over the game.

Season 10 also brings a new Boosted Loader hop-up for the Hemlock and Wingman. Well-timed reloads with a Boosted Loader equipped will increase reload speed and “overload the next magazine with extra rounds,” per the patch notes. The Anvil Receiver and Quickdraw Holster hop-ups are leaving the pool to make room.

Of particular note are the across-the-board changes to magazines, stocks, and light machine guns. Magazines have lost their reload speed boost. That bonus has moved over to the standard and sniper stock attachments. Marksman rifles including the G7 Scout now take sniper stocks instead of standard stocks. Finally, all LMG’s are receiving a reduced headshot multiplier alongside an improved body shot multiplier. The goal, according to the notes, is to make the whole LMG class “feel a bit more consistent.”

The full patch notes lay out further changes, including rotated Fully Kitted drops and nerfs to the EVA-8 shotgun. All these balance updates will drop alongside Seer and Season 10: Emergence on August 3.

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