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With the news of Apex Legends Season 8 releasing today, fans finally got information on the new content dropping soon. The legend Fuse and the new 30-30 Repeater weapon are the highlights from today’s content drop but there was also a leaked piece of news that surfaced. While it’s not official, this leak seems to confirm the date that the Nintendo Switch port for Apex Legends will arrive. Of course, nothing is confirmed by Respawn Entertainment or EA, but fans should expect a Switch port coming with the arrival of Season 8 on Feb. 2.

Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends coming soon?

EA revealed that an Apex Legends Switch port was in the works back in June of 2020. Of course, it’s reported that Respawn has been developing the port since the game released in 2019, but it wasn’t made official until last year.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and other circumstances, the Switch version was delayed until 2021. Fans were disappointed but most understood it was out of the developers’ hands.

The last bit of news we heard about the Switch port occurred in October of last year. However, that changed today when the Chinese version of a new Apex Legends video revealed a concrete release date.

apex legends nintendo switch
Image via TitanfallBlog

According to this translation, the Nintendo Switch version of Apex Legends is arriving on February 2. This, uncoincidentally, is the release date for Season 8. Since this leak was discovered, EA has removed the suspected date from every version of the video.

It’s worth noting that the English version of the video didn’t contain the February 2 release date. So it could be that the Chinese version simply made a mistake, and EA is correcting that by removing it. However, the possibility of this being a true leak is also real. We’ll have to wait for January to progress to find out any more information.

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