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In a press release by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment on July 30, the publisher and developer announced their first official Apex Legends organized competition. The Preseason Invitational is set to happen on Sept 13-15 with a prize pool of $500,000 USD.

Kraków, Poland

The Preseason Invitational will take place in Kraków, Poland on Sep 13-15. Kraków has hosted several major esports events over the past years – most notably, the Counter-Strike events for Intel Extreme Masters. Details on the venue and the options of attending the event as a spectator will be announced soon. Information on where to watch the event will also release on a later date. We’ll be sure to update you when we know.

Who will compete in the Preseason Invitational?

This event will feature 80 invited teams made up of 3 players each. The Preseason Invitational will have the largest collection of competitive players ever attending for an Apex Legends event. The exact teams who will compete will be chosen on a later date, but EA is currently accepting applications for teams. Players can apply to the Preseason Invitational by emailing [email protected] and including their Origin ID and associated email address.

During the three-day event in Kraków, the 80 teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket until 20 teams remain. After this, these remaining teams will compete in a separate bracket for the title and their share of $500,000. The winning team will take home a grand total of $105,000.

An additional prize of $3,000 will be available for the player with the most eliminations during the 12 rounds it will take to reach the finals. Also, the player with the most kills in the finals themselves can earn a bonus prize of $8,000. If multiple players tie in the number of kills, they will share these additional prizes equally.

If you’d like to see more details on the Preseason Invitational, make sure to visit the official site’s rules page. For more of Apex Legends, make sure to check out our gun guide for season 2.

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