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The Apex Legends community is quite creative with the concepts they come up with. Whether it be new skin designs or gameplay changes, there’s always something innovative floating around by a community member. However, in recent weeks, the most popular concepts have been ideas for new Limited Time Modes (LTM). Since the Winter Express LTM is such a smash hit, fans want Respawn to gather more ideas for future modes. One of these concepts though, involving a pirate ship, has gone viral on Reddit and gotten the entire community talking.

Pirate Ship LTM garners tons of attention

With Winter Express going over so well with fans, many feel that Respawn needs to do all they can to capitalize on the situation. It’s clear the community has a desire for other game modes besides the standard battle royale.

So, fans are taking it upon themselves to give Respawn some ideas. The most popular concept is a mode revolving around a pirate ship and some interesting rules. Reddit user FrozenFroh has all of the details.

LTM Idea: Pirate Ship. No guns, Explosives, Melee and Jump-pads! But don’t fall in the lava from apexlegends

Even including some dialogue for Octane and Bangalore, this is one of the most well-thought-out concepts the Apex Legends subreddit has seen. The game mode has a simple enough goal: eliminate enemies and don’t fall into the lava.

Thing is, there are no projectile weapons available to use. You can only use explosives and melee combat, making things up close and personal at all times. There are two teams on two different ships, though you can jump to other team’s ship using Octane’s jump pads.

It’s unclear if this mode was designed to be one life only or if there is respawning. It could also follow the Winter Express road and go with round-based mechanics. The team to eliminate the other team first wins the round, and the first team to four rounds wins the game.

There are endless possibilities with a game mode like this, and Respawn should definitely take a long look at the concept. Would you like to see this game mode? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all future Apex Legends news.

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