Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event revealed by Respawn
Apex Legends Lost Treasures collection event EA
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Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event revealed by Respawn

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A new event is arriving in Apex Legends next week in the form of the Lost Treasures Collection Event. This was revealed at the EA Play presentation and features everything you’d expect from an Apex Legends event. There are new skins, a Town Takeover featuring Crypto, some meta changes, and a shiny Heirloom up for grabs. Lost Treasures is going live next week on June 23 and ends on July 7. There’s a ton to unpack with this news, so let’s dive straight in and see what Respawn has up its sleeves.

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The Lost Treasures Collection Event in Apex Legends

As with every event in Apex, a plethora of content is coming along with it. You can read EA’s new blog for full details, but we’ll break down the highlights of what’s to come on June 23.

First up, we have the Limited Time Mode “Armed and Dangerous Evolved” making a return. We’ve seen this mode before, and it only features snipers and shotguns. However, this time around, players will only have access to Evo Shields, and Respawn Beacons will be out of play.

This is because a new piece of equipment, Mobile Respawn Beacons, is being introduced. Just as the name describes, this equipment does the same as a regular Respawn Beacon but can be placed anywhere. Although, anyone on the map can use it, not just your team. These beacons will only be in this LTM until the event ends. After that, they’ll be thrown into the normal loot pool of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends event
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Gameplay aside, the Lost Treasures event will feature the Crypto’s Map Room Town Takeover and a new line of event cosmetics. As always, there are 24 skins up for grabs, and if you collect them all, you’ll earn the new Mirage Heirloom Set. Of course, you can only earn all 24 items by purchasing them.

Mirage Heirloom
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Respawn is also introducing a new “Special Offers” page, which players can use to buy limited-time cosmetics. These items will only be available during the Lost Treasures event but cost a mere 500 Apex Coins, which is a great value.

Gameplay changes with the event

While everything above was confirmed in the event trailer, we did see something that hasn’t been confirmed yet. Around the halfway point of the trailer, we can see a clear change to one Apex Legend.

Apex Legends Lifeline
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As you can see, it appears Lifeline is no longer reviving players on her own. Instead, she brings up the shield and the downed player revives themselves. It’s unclear if this a buff to Lifeline’s Passive Ability or a new ability altogether. We’re sure to learn more once the event patch notes go live on June 23.

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