New Apex Legends leak shows Wattson's "Tesla Trap" Ultimate Ability

New Apex Legends leak shows Wattson’s “Tesla Trap” Ultimate Ability

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Earlier today, the newest update, patch 1.1, went live in Apex Legends across all platforms. As with all updates, some new files were added to the game and data-miners discovered further evidence of a new legend.

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As always, data-mined leaks can never be 100% trusted, so take all of this with a grain of salt. However, much of the post-launch content for Apex Legends was found in the files beforehand.

Wattson coming soon

Since a little after Apex Legends released, there were hints of new legends, Octane and Wattson, in the game files. Octane was, of course, put in the game with the launch of Season 1 but Wattson still hadn’t made his way to King’s Canyon.

While there have been some files with Wattson’s description in the past, today actual names and renders were added to Wattson’s files. Data-miner Shrugtal posted several pictures of Wattson’s new files and a render of his ultimate ability.

Known to be an electrical specialist, Wattson is believed to have this “Tesla Trap” as his ultimate ability. It’s unknown at this time what this trap does, but it’s safe to assume that it can be placed at a certain location and any enemy that walks through it will be zapped. Working somewhat like a fence, a close rendition of this trap would be Pathfinder’s ultimate ability. Players will be able to pick and choose where the trap starts and where it ends. In the files Shrugtal data-mined, this trap is being called “Perimeter Security.”

As for Wattson’s tactical ability, there has been no official name or description found in the files. However, a “Tesla Coil” is thought to be the most likely tactical ability for Wattson. This tactical would work like Caustic’s Toxic Trapper, which traps foes inside a gas cloud. Except with Wattson, a storm of electricity would instead harm enemy players. Shrugtal was able to data-mine a slew of different sound files for Wattson’s tactical ability.

The release date for Wattson?

There is no official timetable for Wattson’s release at this point. Although more and more files are being added with each update, Respawn could very well hold off until Season 2 of Apex Legends. The new season of Apex is slated to start in June, so players may have to wait until then.

However, it is an encouraging sign that Respawn continually adds different sound files and renders for Wattson. Who knows? Maybe the fact that the Season 1 Battle Pass was so poorly received could entice them to add Wattson earlier than expected.

Keep in mind that before Octane released, his jump pads were placed around the map as a tease by Respawn. It’s a safe bet that Wattson’s Tesla Trap will be teased in a similar way. The jump pads were seen about a week before Season 1 released, so if these traps are spotted in King’s Canyon, Wattson isn’t too far away.

What do you think about Wattson coming to Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to keep up with Daily Esports for your Apex Legends news and updates.

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