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For the entirety of Apex Legends Season 3, long-range weaponry has been the dominant force. The World’s Edge map promotes the style of play that Snipers and some Rifles offer. Long sightlines, huge buildings, and a bigger map, in general, will do this. As such, weapons like the Longbow and G7 Scout have become the preferred choices over pre-Season 3 weapons like the Wingman and shotguns.

However, the dominance held by these weapons may be exactly what leads to their demise. As confirmed by a Respawn developer, one of the most popular Season 3 weapons, the G7 Scout, will receive a nerf sometime in the near future.

G7 Scout being taken down a peg

Before Season 3, the G7 Scout was actually in the bottom tier of weapons that Apex players picked up. Kings Canyon was all about close-quarter engagements, and the Scout simply didn’t offer any redeeming qualities. That all changed with the arrival of World’s Edge and Season 3.

The G7 Scout has always possessed the same stats for the most part. It’s accurate at medium to long-range and deals a solid chunk of damage. However, players found that they could use it with great efficiency if played in the correct style.

This discovery led to the Scout becoming overused in Apex Legends Season 3 and will eventually lead to its nerf. Respawn developer Eric Hewitt confirmed this nerf on Twitter when responding to a fan.

The Twitter user complaining about the G7 Scout is correct in their assessment. The Scout can hit any target across huge distances while still dishing out high damage. For the majority of Season 3, it has rivaled the infamous Charge Rifle, which should also receive a nerf soon.

While we know it’s coming, we don’t exactly when. The launch of Season 4 is set for February 4, so perhaps the nerf could come with that update. However, we don’t know for sure.

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