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The details surrounding Season 6 of Apex Legends are starting to become clearer with each passing day. While there are still some murky areas where official details aren’t present, we have a solid idea of what the season will contain. However, it appears Respawn Entertainment still has some tricks up its sleeve. According to a popular dataminer in the community, the final days of Season 5 could get a little weird. The miner predicts that a UFO will appear on the Kings Canyon map and further tease Season 6 and the rumored Olympus map.

UFO coming down to Apex Legends?

While it seems that Olympus won’t be arriving in Season 6, that might not stop Respawn from teasing the player base. Recently, the developers have put in large amounts of code into the game files that all revolve around one object: a UFO.

The data-miner who discovered the files is @Shrugtal, a longstanding member of the Apex Legends leaking community. His track record is nearly spotless so whenever he finds something, it usually ends up coming true. Below you can see his tweet about the rumored UFO.

If Shrugtal is correct, then a UFO should appear on Kings Canyon on Tuesday, Aug. 11. There might also be a new mini-map to correspond with the change, which is a bit strange to see. At this time, it’s not clear if the UFO is actually landing on Kings Canyon or simply hovering above it.

Regardless, the flying object is supposedly going to reveal some more information about the Olympus map. Even though Respawn likely won’t introduce it in Season 6, it’s still going to be teased for a potential Season 7 release.

This arrival seems like a near certainty, as Shrugtal states that the files contain loads of code for the UFO. That said, keep an eye out for an update to Apex Legends around 1 pm ET on Aug. 11.

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