Apex Legends adds two new cosmetic rewards for ranked

Apex Legends adds two new cosmetic rewards for ranked

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The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational tournament is currently raging on in Kraków. At the top of game 7, a handful of teams were locked in a struggle for the world champions title and $105,000. Clearly, there is no better time than now to announce some new forms of cosmetic content coming to the game.

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These two new types of Apex Legends cosmetics are weapon charms and dive trails. They will be introduced as season end rewards for ranked mode players. Both the weapon charms and and dive trails will match the player’s highest achieved rank.

apex legends skydive trails

The announcement stated the new Apex Legends cosmetics will be given out as rewards for ranked players. It would seem that, for now, Respawn has no plans to introduce them as rewards for casual play. The situation is likely to change, as the Apex community takes cosmetics pretty seriously, and EA and Respawn have given in to pressure before. We will likely see some version of both the trails and charms accessible through limited time events, or even purchasable in the shop.

Another interesting thing to consider is whether the weapon charms will remain attached to the weapons when dropped. Our hunch is that the charms will be static with the player, rather than the weapon. Still, it would be pretty cool to pick up a Peacekeeper with an Apex Predator charm and feel like a pro, if only for a moment.

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The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational Finals

In related news, the championship is still going. Teams G2 Esports, 789, PENTA, NaVi, and TSM went into game 7 with match point status. All five of those team were defeated in the match. Wyvern just won game 7, climbing into match point eligibility in the process. We are standing by for game 8: stay tuned to Daily Esports for our upcoming recap of the  Apex Legends Preseason Invitational final matches coming later today!