Angry tweet disqualifies Fortnite team from competing for NA East Cup
Fortnite NA East Cup
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Angry tweet disqualifies Fortnite team from competing for NA East Cup

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A Fortnite team member, known as Wrigley, recently posted an insensitive tweet that disqualified his team and cost them the chance at the current Fortnite NA East Cup. The total prize pool is an estimated $3 million USD, a life changing amount for many of these players.

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Aimed at Epic Games’ boss, Donald Mustard, Wrigley aired out his frustrations stemming from the trio not performing well during last weekend’s Fortnite Championship Series. The full tweet reads, “Like literally f***ing k!ll your$elf @DonaldMustard.”

The tweet in question, as well as the account it was sent from, has been deleted.

Fortnite teammates speak out

One can imagine the frustration after working all season to earn the Fortnite NA East Cup and ending up with nothing. That’s the situation Wrigley’s two teammates, Dictating and Userz, are now facing and they are not staying silent about it. Userz took to Twitter to express how unfair it was that they were all disqualified for the actions of one player. He is calling on Fortnite to allow them to put in an emergency substitute.

Dictating also expressed his frustration, saying that he “just played this whole season for $0 oh my f***ing god.”

It’s interesting to note that Userz retweeted Jake Lucky’s tweet on the situation. Lucky, an sports reporter, compared the situation to that of what happened last week with The Sentinels. That team was still allowed to compete despite one player’s actions. Wrigley’s teammates are fighting for this chance as well in order to gain the Fortnite NA East cup. There has yet to be an update from Epic after Lucky’s post.

Fans will have to wait and see whether or not this Fortnite team will be compensated or allowed a substitute player to compete for the NA East Cup.