Android 17 hitting Dragon Ball FighterZ Sept. 27 - Upcomer

Android 17 hitting Dragon Ball FighterZ Sept. 27

FGC players of all skills can pick up Android 17 DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ on Thursday, Sept. 27. The character is available as standalone DLC or via the FighterZ Pass on all consoles, including the Switch and PC via Steam.

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As for what the character brings to the already stacked line up of 30 fighters, Android 17 will have a protective barrier useful for defense and attack. Bandai Namco announced other offensive moves in a press release on Sept. 24, but the full skill set will be fleshed out as players learn the new combatant. Check out the reveal trailer below.

One more unlockable piece of content is available now through the end of November as part of the fall holiday season. The Season Z capsule provides exclusive lobby characters, stamps, and Halloween costumes for fighters.

The story of Android 17 up to the end of Dragon Ball Super was often one of an anarchist and troublemaker. After his surprise win in the Tournament of Power, there is obviously more to the character than most realize. Perhaps Bandai Namco uses the DLC to assess character popularity for story development in building the next version of FighterZ.

That next version is definitely coming. FighterZ had more competitors (2579) than Street Fighter V AE (2498) at EVO 2018 according to SmashGG brackets. That’s not a wide margin until you realize FighterZ isn’t even officially one year old. Street Fighter is the foundational pillar of EVO and the entire FGC. Tekken is part of that discussion, but that’s another post for another time.

The growth arc of Dragon Ball FighterZ is one to follow considering its similarity to Marvel vs. Capcom, as well as how much MvC still holds a place in the hearts of many.