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Kick continues to be the wild, wild west of streamers. This time around, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is being threatened by Adin Ross’ girlfriend after calling her a “leech.”

Adin Ross has become one of the most popular streamers on Kick (and on the internet) thanks to his controversial antics and young male following. Despite preaching Andrew Tate’s incel advice, Ross decided that he wanted a girlfriend, going against everything he has been talking about on his channel. His girlfriend, demisux, is a fitness streamer that has since moved to Kick.

After the relationship went public, demisux saw a massive influx of views on the platform. She most recently had 45K viewers in the first few days of January. But Amouranth is far from impressed.

Adin Ross’ girlfriend threatens to fight Amouranth

During a recent livestream, OnlyFans model and business lady Amouranth was informed that demisux has 37,000 followers on Kick. Amouranth responded in a deadpan voice that the numbers “don’t mean anything” because demisux is dating Adin Ross.

“That’s just his viewers,” she added. “It’s basically an Adin Ross waiting room.”

At first, demisux seemed entertained by Amouranth’s comments. But Amouranth continued to say that it was “Adin Ross’ money” and even called demisux a “leech.” At this point, demisux threatened to beat up Amouranth, stating that “it’s hands on-sight” if she ever saw her in person.

“I’m a leech!” demisux yelled. “Let me just flash my f—ing tittles real quick. I’m a f—ing leech… Her f—ing boobs on her chest are leeches.”

It’s clear that Amouranth’s comments have gotten under demisux’s skin. But a lot of people in the streaming community were quick to agree with Amouranth, even her haters. Some people, however, said that Amouranth was “jealous” of demisux’s views and even commended her on how long she’s been in the streaming game.