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NRG Esports announced on Thursday that American convenience store AMPM is going to be sponsoring the organization, including both the San Francisco Shock and Optic Chicago. NRG has been a solid organization for many esports, and now has another sponsor to help continue that trend. AMPM is a Western American local convenience store, established in 1978, and now has its first connection to the esports world.

“Day or night, it’s always snack time,” NRG tweeted. “Please welcome @ampm to the #NRGFam.”

NRG establishes more connections

Since NRG is such a popular esports organization, there are already some big brands associated with them. For example, McDonald’s and T-Mobile are two big sponsors currently with the San Francisco Shock. Other big sponsors involved are Turtle Beach, Roccat, Levi’s and Hot Pockets. Now, with AMPM, all of NRG’s teams will have a new, more local connection. NRG has always liked to connect to local brands, mostly American ones like Turtle Beach and Hot Pockets. But, AMPM is more specific as a Western-focused chain and something their fans can go to.

In terms of the teams AMPM will be sponsoring, the two most popular are the San Francisco Shock and Optic Chicago. The Shock are looking for their third straight Overwatch League championship.In the Call of Duty League, Optic Chicago has resided among the top five teams this season, looking to finally break into the top three. Both these organizations have good opportunities to win a championship with this new sponsor affiliated with them.

The other big esports teams NRG owns are a Rocket League team under the same name, winning big tournaments in 2021. Besides that, they’re also involved in Apex Legends, having success in early 2021. Now, with this new sponsorship, these teams will have more support to win their respective tournaments and majors. Plus, fans in the United States can physically go to the local AMPM and know they’re supporting their favorite teams.